Jellycat Bashful Calf - Medium

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Scrumping apples? Not Bashful Calf. She’s a daisy-munching, kooky little cow, who enjoys listening to songs about farm life. With her soft white horns and lovely splotchy fur, she’s so happy she jumped over...


Jellycat Bashful Lion - Medium

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For the King of the Beasts, Bashful Lion is looking sweetly, well, bashful! He wants a caring companion to ruffle his luxurious caramel mane. Give this squeezy, butter-bellied big cat a snuggle - it can be...


Jellycat Bumbly Bear - Medium

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A sandy, dandy teddy, Bumbly Bear is simply scrummy. A ruffly, fluffy fellow with an extra-long snout for vintage style, he's a classic bear with a modern twist. His large head and tummy and chunky feet make...


Jellycat Elephants Can't Fly Book

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Elephants Can't Fly - at least, that's what little Elly is told. But why not? Follow Elly on her mission to fly, beautifully drawn in sweet pastel colours. Elephants Can't Fly is an inspiring story about...


Jellycat Flo Malfingo How Pink Can She Go Book

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11.5" x 9"


Jellycat If I were an Octopus Book

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Jellycat Leonardo Lion - Medium

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Leonardo Lion is a royal sweetheart, with a fine buttery mane and such soft biscuit fur. His mighty paws and chunky chocolate nose are fit for a king and scrumptious to snuggle.

H10" X W6"


Jellycat Mattie Monky - Medium

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Did you see someone grinning in that tree? Yes, it’s magnificent Matty Monkey! What fantastic fur he’s got, with silvery patches and heathery spots.



Jellycat Wumper Tiger

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Wumper Tiger is always so dapper, in bold, jazzy stripes of ginger and black! This cuddly cub is soft as can be, with big squidgy paws, silky cream whiskers and a long, squashy tail. This cuddly cub is a...


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