Gratitude Glass Jars 30 Days of Gratitude Glass...

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30 Days of mindful living,
to reflect on all you have.
Manifesting further joy & abundance
Through being grateful for what you have.

30 Days is long enough to see how a change in mindset affects your life....


Gratitude Glass Jars 30 Days of Intentions Glas...

Free Shipping on orders $75.00 or more.

30 Days of questions to live
Your life with intention.
Asking you to stop and think,
"Am I headed in the right direction?"

The aim of life is to be aware! Aware of your choices each day in creating the future...


Gratitude Glass Jars 30 Days of Kindness Glass Jar

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30 Acts of Kindness
To put a spark in someone's day.
Spreading joy & love to others,
through kindness everyday!

Create lasting change in your life through performing a Random Act of Kindness for 30 Days....


Gratitude Glass Jars Celebrate! Live Your Best ...

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Writing makes your intentions tangible, your goals achievable and your destiny fulfilled!

This beautiful gift box includes 12 letters to write to yourself. Including a contract to yourself, your values, a...


Gratitude Glass Jars Grateful Heart

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365 Days of inspiring quotes to cultivate a grateful heart, whilst placing a smile on your face.

365 Gold foil, printed cards. Accompanied with a beautiful brushed metal note card holder. Packaged within a...


Gratitude Glass Jars Gratitude Glass Jar

Free Shipping on orders $75.00 or more.

The more grateful you are,
the more present you become,
the more joy you bring
into your life.

Begin each day with an open heart by recording all that you are grateful for.

Inviting more joy and abundance into...


Gratitude Glass Jars Kindness Candle

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Live with kindness in your heart.

Paying forward an act of kindness can have a significant impact on the lives of others and our own. This stimulating scent will release the power within you to spread kindness...


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